June News 30/06/2008

Welcome back to the Avalon Blogger..he’s been missing for a while ..Here at Avalon we said a fond farewell to James and Silvia, two characters that are surely missed by all around in their own way. James has gone and joined the competition in St. Christopher’s Paris and Silvia has started, what is sure to be a trip of a lifetime all round Asia. Their whirlwind adventures round the world keep all of us back here in good old Eire entertained.
This month also saw the arrival of the now Infamous Thibault Galan, all the way from France on 6 weeks work experience, I use that term loosely… His pearls of wisdom are priceless and his ever long battle with the English language still rolls on. As he says himself he is “Wise in the Ways of this World” …of course, if you say it in a French accent , it sounds so much better. Plato and Aristotle don’t even hold a candle to this mans thinking. The sign at Reception gives guests a glimpse of Thibaults thinking on Day to Day business. He is immersed in his “Speculative Bubble” and as you arrive you will gain a deeper understanding and enlightenment as soon as you greet us at reception. The month of June also saw our resident Tango Teacher all the way from sunny Argentina come back for yet another summer of spreading his love for Tango to all at Hostel Avalon. Every night at 7.30 he mentors many a weary traveller on the rhythm and movement of Tango…and all for free! So as June ends and July starts, prepare yourself for a month of sun .and fun at least we hope the sun part comes true, fun on the other hand is guaranteed while staying in Dublin and especially because you will be in Avalon House!