We’ve had a great response to our photo competition and we’ve had lots of winners. Congratulations to the latest batch – Anni Jahn, Marta Lillocco, Petra Gregoricova, Aaron Ryan and Juani Monterrey Mancera.

As well as winning a free night at Avalon their photos are immortalised in our rooms – they also get a certificate telling them which room it’s in.
The competition is still open so please send your entries in. You can e-mail them to or post them to us at the hostel.
The photos can be of anything so get snapping!

Anni Jahn – Oregon U.S.A. Room 401

Mid July News 12/07/2008

Hi All

Welcome back to the Avalon blog , we have plenty of new additions to the Avalon Hostel this month. We saw the return of a familiar face in Will, who came back to work for the summer. He couldn’t get enough of the place after his short stint last year as receptionist extraordinaire.

As you can see will is fond of dressing up as a French person and he also is just a little bit fond of the Rugby and Hurling, so any sports enthusiastic traveller from either New Zealand or Kilkenny will be happy to meet our Willamena. This July also sees many events happening in Dublin, We have our very own Urban beach which can be found in the heart of the city (IFSC) , Palm trees, hot dog stands, beach volleyball and sand shipped in from the tropics all arranged in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands. It is a sight to behold and also a little bit of fun if you get a chance to see it. This month also saw the return of JP from his Honeymoon, he actually managed to get hitched to none other than a previous employee of the Hostel Avalon, and yes love does blossom here after all. So congratulations to JP and Rebecca and let’s hope they both have a happy hostel filled life!! This month is also a prime month to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland in all its green Glory.

There are many many one day tours to the beautiful Wicklow/ Glendalough area, only one hour from the city. As you can see from the photo it’s none too shabby now on a good day. Just ask our friendly staff and they can assist you on anywhere you wish to visit. I also have a pic of our Nicola from Italy, purely based on the fact that he was whinging that he was never on the blog….so there you go Nicola. Hope you are Happy. Thankfully there is an Irish man in the photo to balance it out somewhat!. This month also see the Belgian beer festival starting in Dublin so get your drinking hats on….there’s a brew or two to be spilt this month in Sunny Dublin.