January News 24/01/2009

The daffodil buds of Spring are starting to stir under the soil as the crisp sunshine of February waits to break through the clouds of winter and illuminate the city of Dublin to welcome all you weary travellers here to Ireland.

Here at Avalon the sun seems to already be shining in our spirits and the atmosphere around the hostel is buzzin…! We’re getting ready for Valentine’s day…so Dublin is not that renowned for its romantic charms like Paris and other cities but it is the city where Celine Dion first got engaged! So who knows what or who may be waiting for you down in the local pub, on a tour bus to Wicklow or in the hostel lobby!

Our artiste Steve is currently painting a Mural for the hostel featuring some funky new characters that will become part of the team here in Avalon cause Steve’s artistic talents can bring life to anything!
We’re still pining for our Spanish lassie Caro who we hope will be back to us soon here in reception.

We now have Wifi access all over the building now so you can surf the internet in the comfort of your very own bed. Also a new FREE walking tour will be leaving from the hostel reception every morning at 10:30am and lasts about 3 hours. It’s a great way to meet new people and explore the city with an experienced guide and it doesn’t stop there as we’ve also drafted up our very own Avalon Pub crawl that takes you around 10 of our favourite pubs in the city and offers a reward of an exclusive EFH Avalon t-shirt to anyone who completes the crawl!

In the meantime you can virtually meet two of the team here (two Irish specimens!) in Avalon on you tube and also get a feel for the vibe here in Dublin…sure the craic is only mighty! Until next time take care.