aaaagh march madness 02/04/2009

so many new appearances in the Avalon! you might not even recognize it, you might even walk right by us without saying hello!? but you’d be missing out though, and here’s why! thanks to state of the art technology we’ve managed to splice together a trendy little cafe, a cinema and a world class hostel into one building… creating some kind of multi-sensory extravaganza!!!

our cinema is showing films every night at 9pm aaaand we sell popcorn! here’s cool hand luke eating 46 eggs in a recent screening….

and our new cafe the bald barista is getting nice and settled in, run by our very own omnipresent and all knowing chrome domed kiwi, buzz….

new art work adorning the gateway to the bald barister cafe…

im also very sad to report that we have lost one of our greatest employees!! dermot”clark kent”byrne has finally flown the coop, and by flown i mean actually hopped on a plane to Canada of all places??

also, because were so darn with it, avalon house is now on facebook, why not find us add us, and enter our caption competition to win a free t-shirt and mug….

here’s the pic….

now you fill in the caption to win …………………………….?

your pal,


p.s. your hair looks fantastic today.