DARE 18/05/2009

do you DARE challange the AVALON

you may have heard the phrase “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” unless of course you stay at the avalon house, ok there’s no free lunch, but we do have free breakfast, and free internet, AND free wifi on every floor, we even have free table tennis AAAAND! a free nights stay for those talented enough to entertain our guests for 45 mins. so still no free lunch but we’ve got nearly everything else covered!

but what if your not talented, what if you can’t play the guitar, juggle, dance or sing you say??

well you have an option!

are you fearless? do you have nerves of steal?

do you have rather loose morals?

well then we challenge you!!!! complete an avalon challenge and stay one night for free.(ask reception for details)

here’s some of our previous fearless challenge winners.


Word Art 06/05/2009

This is the entire Avalon blog summarised in Word art form.
Thanks and congrats to the Wordle team who just won a Webby