The Irish heatwave 22/06/2009


As we write this, we struggle to breathe…We’re baking here in the reception. Thank god we’re not outside…people are crisping up like rashers on an oily pan….well not really… but it is pretty warm for Dublin.

Lots of people took to the streets this weekend to celebrate the glorious weather and many enjoyed the festivities of the world street performers festival in merrion gardens and that’s not all that’s going on Dublin these days. Summer 2009 is playing host to a lot of new music and cultural festivals in the city and around the country. Or as we’d say “the craic is mighty”.

Sadly this week, two members of our team depart. First Yoann, our hairy french co-worker goes back to la France for the summer and secondly our brave companion Rob, who has put up with the crazy antics of the staff during his very successful internship in reception, leaves us for the homeland. They will be missed a lot.

When you arrive it’s recommended to already have your fill of potassium as there’s a giant banana on the loose…he looks somewhat like this;

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!