Birthday celebrations 28/08/2009

Our Birthday celebrations

We celebrated both Avalon and hostelworld’s birthday by drinking copious amounts of alcohol – 50 litres of Mary’s Magic Mixture punch, hundreds of beers and a magnum of champagne were consumed in the confusion. Thanks to everyone for helping us get rid of the vast alcohol surplus.
We are now 18 and feeling all grown up…..

On another note, our ever adventurous receptionist, Claire, has just returned from theFree Travel Ireland challenge completing a week’s holiday around Ireland without spending a cent.

Here’s one of the videos documenting the trip

IHH Free travel Ireland – Cork and Kerry
Avalon Challenge 08/08/2009

18 years have passed since the hallowed doors of Avalon House opened. Those who were in nappies (diapers for our American friends) when we opened are now of legal drinking age (in Ireland anyway). We will be celebrating our long awaited birthday next Friday 14th August in the true Irish 18th birthday fashion – by drinking large amounts of alcohol. Ours is not the only birthday this year - Hostelworld hit the big 10 years old this year. Avalon House was one of the very first hostels to work with them all those years ago and they haven’t forgotten us so they are joining us for the party (but we won’t let them drink….)
If you’re staying with us on the night ask at reception whats happening and join in the celebrations.
In other news; we launched our new website a couple of weeks ago – we hope you like it. If you’ve any thoughts or recommendations on the site please let us know. A big thanks to Lisa Haran who designed the site – she’s awesome – check out more of her work on
We’ve introduced video to the website and our talented, banana loving receptionists have made a charming little video guide of how to get to Avalon from the airport. Check it out on out our homepage. We hope to have more banana adventures soon. Keep watching this space for more.

As you all may or may not know, we have various ways for guests to have a free night at Avalon. If you are a performer you can get a free night for entertaining our guests. We’ve had singers, dancers, masseurs, jugglers, choirs, statues, magicians, and even a transvestite Kate Bush impresario. Now there is something for those without such marvellous talents -
If you are brave, bored or just daft you can take up the gauntlet and perform the various tasks in the challenge to earn a free bed for the night.
We have a monthly photography competition – enter your best shot – a winner is picked each month and wins a free night at the Avalon. The photos are also printed, framed and hung in the hostel guaranteeing you fame and fortune…… Email your entries to
Last but not least you could also win a tweet bed. Keep an eye on the Tweets on our homepage as we regularly give away prizes from the tweet box. This week we are giving away free beds every day to celebrate so keep watching.
We’re working on more ways to keep it cheap for you so keep checking for more freebies.