MOVEMBER 08/11/2009

remember remember the ….. something of ….. eh something????

HAPPY MOVEMBER EVERYBODY – yes if your lucky enough to be traveling to Ireland, specifically Dublin in the coming weeks, prepare your self for a national obsession. the misplaced eyebrow the fabled face furniture, the lip tickler or moustache, yes here in dublin the mens cancer awareness month is celebrated with every grown man in Dublin attempting to grow the manliest of man plumage, moustaches of all shapes and sizes will be worn with pride, culminating in several gala events at the end of the month. i my self will be joining the ranks of FACEHAWKS the avalon receptions movember team. i’m putting many man-hours into man-stache growing on my man face, here’s proof of an earlyer attempt.

in other news, not content with simply being the greatest hostel in Dublin, we decided to bribe several prominent leaders of the hospitality underworld so we could receive the highly coveted IHH (independent hostels Ireland) best city hostel award 2009( i’m kidding of course… we only bribed one person!!)

we are so awesome.