Christmas madness 15/12/2009

Christmas madness coming soon: Piggy flu interruptus

Well, the much anticipated Christmas party shenanigans footage is currently under production; and boy, we have a hell of a story to tell. Though you are going to have to wait a little while longer, as our master teller of tales has been struck down with piggy flu and is currently in quarantine. On a more blithesome note however, the rest of the staff are doing just fine, and if truth be told, we are rather enjoyoing not having the “word-smith” around for a while. We have been somewhat peeved lately at our impoverished monosyllabic articulations being constantly criticised by our resident, loose-lipped, garrulous drivel speaking devil of a ship-mate.

It’s time I brought this tirade of abuse to a close, before I say too much. Needless to say, our babbling, chatterbox of a monkey, will be in touch soon.