or it will be!, avalon in assosiation with DUBLIN BEST HOSTELS will be attempting the world record for most people in one bunk bed. because thats us, we live on edge, we push the limits. we don’t wanna be some run of the mill check you in check you out kind of hostel, we wanna be the blow your mind, psych you out kind of hostel, the cool hostel all the other hostels wanna hang out with. this hostel gets the girls… or guys?, or equally attractive and popular lady hostels???

hostel out



The Avalon team here, contacting you via the wonder of wireless intercommunications technology. Buses have been cancelled, airports closed, all transport has been reduced to polar bear and/or dog sleigh. Although every inch of Dublin is now covered in ice, and many people have been left trapped in their homes, or worse the hostel they’re staying in, there has been room for fun.

Dubliners have taken to leaving their cars at home, and simply sneezing in the opposite direction to where they need to travel, using simply the force of a single sneeze, the average chartered accountant can travel up to 25mph sliding on the ice.
This saves on petrol and is much kinder to the environment than the rocket packs generally used by commuting businessmen in the Dublin financial district.