Paul the Octopus 25/08/2010


Avalon’s answer to the World Cup octopus ‘Paul’?

Recently at Avalon we have discovered a new invention that is not only similar to Paul the octopus and his match predictions but may even rival him for sheer ingenuity. We have named it ‘Avalon’s weather prediciton paper’.
This invention consists of a piece of A4 paper hanging freely from a string at the front of our reception desk. On one side the paper reads ‘its raining’ and on the other ‘its not raining’. Each day the paper sways until it finally rests. Which ever side of the paper is facing North this is the paper’s forecast for the day. Simple? yes. Wrong? Never. Since our invention has been put into practice the ‘weather prediction paper’ has yet to deliver a wrong weather forecast.
An argument was brought up against our forecast system by a cynical guest who seems to be wary of change within the weather forcasting methods.

“How can a business organisation rely solely on a piece of paper for the weather predicition each day? And considering it has only two outcomes, raining and not raining, it is not an accurate forecast” he stated with a condescending smile.

So this is our case against him.
You see our guest must not have realised that in Ireland it genuinly either rains or it doesn’t. So it is 50/50 for our ‘weather prediction paper’ to get it correct. Now, one might think eventually the paper will get it wrong. Well, considering our in-depth analysis of its predictions over the past Summer months, the ‘predidcition paper’ has proved to be very reliable.
So if you are coming to Dublin, the weather prediction paper will give you an idea of the attire you must bring.

A clean, friendly and cheap hostel with its very own answer to Paul the octopus, be sure to choose Avalon House as your place of residence in Dublin.

Farewell backpackers!

PS. If the paper brakes down or decides to retire. We always have the not-so-reliable world wide web to fall back on…