WE ARE DRESSED UP 31/10/2010

Always crazy hours in Avalon during halloween, these are a sample of what’s happening …

More pics on Avalon House facebook …


Dublin’s Marathon 2010 : The best Team

Our Avalon Team did great during the Marathon 2010, from all over the world, Germans, Dutch, French, Kiwis, Americans, Australians… all together to kill the time !! And they Did great !! Congrats

Adios agus slan go foill! 13/10/2010


So as the wind rips your skin off and you cant see straight as your eyes are frozen to the top of their sockets what better way to warm yourself to the cockles of your heart that a few free Sols from the local pub! As the Avalon staff all snuggled around, downing anything that was put on the table in front of them, we heard the heart-breaking news that we were to lose two…yes DOS! of our ridiculously amazing staff – Stephen and Carolina!

Stephen, originally from a tiny little village in Wexford somewhere recently graduated from DCU and is not taking his amazing skills to the New York. He has been a loyal member of staff for a whopping 5ive years .. He will be sadly missed :(

Carolina, originally from Sombrero Falls, Madrid has been called home by her president Julio to teach Spanish people how to lose that nasty flemmy sound when they say Hello! But of course thats not all she’s leaving for, there was some talk about a masters etc… She will also be sadly missed but will be rockin’ around the Avalon Christmas tree in December :)