Been a while chaps… 25/08/2011

We are still here….On est toujours ici……

It’s been a jam packed, marmalade squashed, butter mashed July and August for all here in Avalon. August always brings a lot of people from the continent where it gets far too hot and they get to enjoy cooler climates and refreshing showers in a misty magical Ireland…..For us it’s just another summer where we get to enjoy one or two days of sunshine amidst many pints of guinness and mild chuckling.In other news our best and boldest James Anthony Foley is leaving us for a classroom of snotty nosed teenagers…personally I think snotty nosed receptionists are nicer but whatever floats your ducky in the bath ya know?

I think he’ll be missed…

Alessandro is going to study in Trinity….Trinners for winners and all that jazz.

Mathilde came and went, she was great! Merci!

Yoann will be back soon from France.

Nicola is going to Asia soon for 2 months.

JP is a tit.

Electric Picnic next week…..YES!

Come love our city and us of course! See you soon!