Summer is Upon us Again! 31/05/2012
Happy May Everybody!


Here at Avalon, the cherry blossoms are in bloom! Well actually, we don’t have any cherry blossoms, this is a metaphor for just how energised and excited we feel about new growth and the summer sunshine all just around the corner!

Are you a good table tennis player? Fancy taking on our resident Champion; Jerzy Jozef Stacharski?  He loves a challenge….Why not try your hand at Fuseball either

And if table tennis or fuseball aren’t your thing, we have big new comfy couches to watch the action from a safe distance!

So a lot has happened since we last wrote to you wonderful people. Dermot has fled the coop (again) and is now somewhere in Detroit living it up with his own car and probably a new hoodie/hairstyle. Our French Beurre Yoann has also left us. He will soon be based in Valencia, Spain doing what he does best for Europe’s Famous Hostels. Not only that, but our long time hero Ronan Brady has decided to take on a new project of Glamping in Wicklow. Ronan was awarded the last Avalon Clock, a fitting tribute to a great manager. Here are the three boyos having a few pints. We miss them all very much!

 We have welcomed two new members to the Avalon Squad; Jennifer and Larry. We hope they will be happy amongst us crazies. Also a quick shout out to our two work experience members Louis and Thomas…team French helping keep all of our French guests at ease in their native tongue.
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Till next time, take her handy.