A few things to do on Aurthurs Day… 26/09/2013

A few things to do on Aurthur’s Day

 1.Eat Breakfast

The most important meal of the day they say. Considering you’ll be in the pub all day you may want to line the stomach a little. Get yourself over to Dublin City Food for a big breakfast sandwich that’ll keep you going till the afternoon.

 2. A quiet one first

 Head into town and plonk yourself in Nearys for a quiet one to catch your barings and plan the day ahead.

 3. Avoid Templebar

 Goes without saying.

 4. Flip a coin for 17:59

 The two best spots for the main event i think are outside Grogans on South William Street or in Dame Court by the Stags head. Flip a coin to choose where.

 5. Moderation is key.

 Moving onto cans may save you money, pick up some Stout in your local Centra so the funds remain acceptable.

 6. Catch a gig

Guinness have sponsored a haype of bands to come over and play in secret venues across the city and country. Them folkers from Mumford and Sons played Toners last year while Primal Scream played some god forsaken place in Waterford or something. If you happen to know where Bobby Womack or Janelle Monae will be, please let me know.

Five Things to see at this years Fringe Festival 13/09/2013


Songs in the Key of D

Smock Alley Theatre

Dublin City has given the world some of the most moving, articulate and passionate songs ever written. This choral exploration aims to explore this tradition of song-making by paying homage to these musical experiences while rooting them in the present day tone of the city. The performances will recognise musicians from Handel to Hansard, Lynott to Drew as well as exploring the physical city itself. Performed by a choir of real Dubliners, this show will use the voice of Dublin to honour its musical sons and daughters.


The Pearse Centre

Pinkerton is a record that reaches well beyond a diaristic look at Cuomo‘s perversions, and instead asks something more universal: Do we really grow out of our teenage feelings, or do we need something like Pinkerton to expose them as merely being repressed to the point where they mutate?” Weezer’s Pinkerton is an album packed with earnest terrified feeling concerning masculinity, the hypocritical struggle between your thoughts and actions, and clashes of east and west. This is a concert/documentary about that album and what happens when you pour your soul into something everyone despises… until they call it your masterpiece.


The New Theatre

1987: a story hits the headlines that sends an unsuspecting Irish nation reeling in shock and disgust. A story of brutality and bloodshed, of depravity and gross deception. A story of murder. Gerry Ryan has killed a lamb. Kind of. Maybe. What starts as a radio slot about survival guides on the Gay Byrne Show quickly descends into media frenzy. With blood on his hands, Gerry must face police investigation, political scandal and somehow save his career. Come witness the extraordinary story of the birth of a modern Irish icon.


The Art Park

The closest thing Ireland has ever had to a socialist revolution, the Dublin Lockout provides us with a glimpse of an alternative Ireland. The current economic collapse and the resulting national distress pulls the issues of one hundred years ago sharply into focus. Echoes of mass meetings and marches, industrial unrest and the very rights of the citizen reverberate today as it did then. Building incrementally day by day over thirteen days of the festival, ANU presents a series of thirteen interconnecting works combining performance, installation and digital technology allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the tumultuous events of 1913 as they unfold in present day Dublin. A co-production with Dublin Fringe Festival, with the support of the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon, Dublin City Council, The LAB and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, DCTV and Fishamble; The New Play Company’s New Play Clinic.

David O’Doherty

Project Arts Centre

David O’Doherty, the Ryanair James Bond, the Kevin McCloud of the tiny keyboard, former Miss Ireland, the offspring of Shannon/Pete Doherty, his new look is ‘Jaws era Steven Spielberg’, recipient of the 2008 Edinburgh Comedy Award and inventor of the last remaining swimming stroke ‘the squid’ (on back, feet first), has written a new comedy show with both talking and songs. NO SCRUBS.

Three Things To See on Culture Night 06/09/2013

Every year buildings of cultural importance open their doors to the public for one night free of charge. On Friday the 20th of September you will have the chance to explore and understand what exactly goes on behind the scenes with guided tours and employees available to answer whatever questions you may have. Here are three places you’ve got to get too. Why only three? Because with the whole city out and about you’ll only have time for three…

Block T

Smithfield Chambers, Dublin 7

Perhaps the largest artist space in the city centre, the guys in Block T have made a huge dent on the Irish culture scene over the last three years. Having moved space from the old textile factory they once called home to a disused office block around the corner Block T is the creative home to dozens of the cities upcoming artists ranging from media to fine art.

Dublin Castle

The State Apartments, Dublin 2

Dublin castle occupies a huge space in the city centre and had been at the heart of British Rule in Ireland for centuries. At times it was the seat of the Kings representative in Ireland before evolving into a barracks that housed British soldiers.  Since gaining independence Dublin castle has been used for a number of state orientated events from the inauguration of the president to the visit of the Queen. A great place to walk around and marvel at the spacious banquet rooms and relics from British rule.

Freemasons Hall

17 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

Arguably the most popular destination on culture night the centre of Freemasonary in Ireland aims to put to bed whatever shady rumours you may have had about the groups role in society. With detailed tours on every floor and a spectacular number of artifacts from the orders history there is little wonder why ques develop past the passport office come six o’clock.