Arthur’s Day 24/09/2010

To Arthur!

After a night of pure drunken debauchery Im sure there are many heads cursing Arthur Guinness and his bloody black stuff..At exactly 17:59 last night thousands of punters across Dublin, Ireland and the world no doubt toasted the legend himself and as we all forgot about the prospects of work at 9am the next morning we sang, drank and danced our merry little ways into the night!

So if you overdid it last night why not relax, chill and pretend you were the drunken loudmouth fool downing pints of Guinness and tequilas, screaming Galway Girl at the top of your voice and take a trip to your local museum.
As part of this years Fringe Festival, Culture Night will see all museums and galleries open until late free of charge. So if youre feeling like a total braindead lout a night of admiring paintings, taking a trip round the Leprechaun museum or even seeing where it all started with Arthur 251 years ago..