Free Stuff to do In Dublin 30/04/2010

Having been the tour guide for two of my friends for the last 10 days, I’ve picked up some handy hints and tips on trying to fill your time in Dublin with things that don’t involve re-mortgaging the house!! So I thought I would share with you all I have learned in the hope that it will make your stay more enjoyable here at the best hostel inDublin..of course Avalon House


  1. Archaeology Museum- Kildare street. Entry Free

This place has some of the famous bog people found thousands of years ago, and one of the most impressive celtic jewellery collections around. If your interested inDublin’s Viking beginnings, this is also a must see! It’s within 5 min walking distance from the hostel.



  1. National Museum of Ireland . Collins Barracks. Entry Free

Set in the old Royal barracks of Dublin, the last place surrendered to the British Army once the republic was formed, the building itself is impressive enough. The collection of silver antiquities from all over the world spans the entire museum. There is also a military wing dedicated to the tumultuous times during the Irish battle for independence. Uniforms and memorabilia from the days of Michael Collins, (from which the Barracks gets its name) are present througout. You can get there from the hostel via the luas stop from Jervis street, getting off at the Museum


  1. National Gallery -Nassau st. Entry Free

This gallery has all that a renaissance enthusiast will need, works from Monet and Picasso are on show, you can spend an entire day here and still not have seen all the beautiful paintings on show . …and best of all its free.



  1. Chester Beatty Library- Behind Dublin Castle.

The private collection of ancient asian artefacts accumulated by spy Chester Beatty during his time in asia is very much worth a look. With a whole floor dedicated to all of the worlds main religions, describing the beliefs of hindu’s muslims and Christians alike. There is also various artefacts from each of the different religions, with for example pieces of the dead sea scrolls themselves. The first floor is constantly changing every few months, currently on show are the telling images of china, screens and intricate hand drawn scrolls.