January Blooz! 21/01/2008

Its now truly over!!!…the festivities…the dancin round the Christmas tree…the whisky breakfast…all over for another year! So as we all feel the january-anti-climax we are coming close to the end of the winter blues!well techincally that is, we know the winter in Ireland lasts about 10 months longer than other European countries!!
This months big news is that we are to lose yet another member of the beloved Avalon team, the feisty Argentinian-Erica Quani Slopalopolis, best known for outstanding work ethics, her constant passion for the 16a and her funky dress sense!!!The newly slimmed-down Erica (see previous blog entry) and her housemate Elena have decided enough is enough with Ireland and are hitting the not-so-tropical Alpine region to work on the slopes for the foreseeable future!she will be sadly missed by staff and I’m sure one or two customers! So in the spirit of helping each other out we have compiled a list of useful phrases Erica and whoever of ye who intend on hitting a French speaking area in the distant future…

1. Ou est le bar le plus près? Where is the nearest bar?

2. Ma clef ne marche pas! My key dosn’t work

3. Aidez moi!! J’ai perdu mon passeport, chien, hotel, amis, pantalon! Help Me! I’ve lost my passport, dog, hotel, friend, trousers!

4. Non merci, Je suis marié! No thank you, I’m married

5. L’escargots?! T’es dingue! Snails?! Are you mental?!

Though these are some of the basics the keen traveller will need to know its also handy to keep a dictionary and a Lonely Planet with you at all times!
We wish Erica all the best and and were gonna miss her loads!

In more January news…nothing really happens in January so lets all hope for a really deadly February!!!Its only a short one so not long now til Paddys day folks wahoooooooo!