little known fact 26/04/2010


Meet Herman Gooble, he invented the cat in 1961, having already had moderate success with the pet rock, and tamagotchi. he decided people would enjoy having a small hairy animal, that they would be forced to take care of day and night, for up to ten years. he thought that this would be popular with Japanese business men and cosmopolitan types. and gosh he was right, the “cat” was a huge success, to date more than 1000 cats have been sold worldwide making them almost as successful as the “dog” phenomenon. scientists reckon that one day in the future cats may actually replace computers in the home, becoming a must-have modern comfort.till then you can enjoy all the wonders a cat has to offer at dublins premier cat expo.

Top winning pedigree cats in Ireland (North and South) competing for the overall title of Supreme Cat 2010, plus some handsome non pedigree cats.
Open to the public from 12MD, admission adults €5.00, junior/senior €3.00
A variety of stalls selling everything for your cat plus guest speakers during the day speaking on a variety of cat related topics.
The venue is opposite the Maldron Hotel City West and has excellent catering facilities with free parking.The 69 bus from Dublin stops outside and venue is 5 min from the Luas.