20 Reasons to LOVE Dublin

Top Twenty Reasons you will LOVE Dublin!

VisitDublin have published an article espousing the top reasons that a visit to Dublin should be very high on your list of places to visit. They start with the functional things, like:

1. It’s great value for money and,

2. It’s easy to get to. It is and we are! They move onto:

3. Our beautiful coastline (very accessible from the city centre too) and,

4. The friendly locals (which we count ourselves!). From there it focuses on places you need to go like:

5. Our spacious parks and gardens,

6. Our Castles,

7. The beautiful beaches,

8. Our cultural quarter (a must for anyone coming to Dublin) and,

9. The river Liffey (unavoidable if touring the city on foot!). Coming in at number:

10. is our Food,

11. is our festivals (of which there are many) and,

12. is our live music (again, almost unavoidable). Unlucky for some (but not you) is:

13. Lots of FREE things to see and do. At:

14. is the Georgian Heritage (lovely architecture best seen on foot),

15. Our stunning mountain views,

16. our golf courses (many with their own great views),

17. Our unique history (going back to Viking times). They listed at:

18. Kilmainham Gaol (perhaps one of the slightly less well know attraction in Dublin, but very, very worthwhile). The last two could well be top of your list:

19. Our many traditional pubs and,

20. The Guinness Storehouse (Dublin’s most visited attraction).

Once you’ve stayed, we’d love to hear YOUR 20 reasons to LOVE DUBLIN!