September News 01/09/2008

There are many events happening in Dublin, this month of September, the Bulmer’s International Comedy Festival sees a range of talented Comedians from all over the world gracing our Dublin streets. Tickets and show times can be found on the ticketmaster website, go and grab yourself a giggle or two while you are here. James our beloved friend that deserted us earlier in the year has now returned from his short stint at St. Christopher’s Hostel Paris. He’s back with yet another language to add to his belt so Guest’s are well catered for when James is around.

The Electric Picnic Festival is on this weekend and it seems that every staff member bar a select few have gone down the country to enjoy the craic and music while the others slog away as usual…typical!

Lovely new 3D images of our bedrooms and foyer where taken this month so expect to see updated versions of the 360 panoramic views of our rooms so you can really grasp the true character of our Hostel first hand, and all before even setting foot in the door, boy the wonders of modern technology never ceases to amaze me!
Also coming soon in the Hostel is the arrival of our very own Barista, Buzz the Bald Barista will be offering a selection of top of the range coffee’s, freshly made in front of you, for our guests. So look forward to some caffeine overload to send you on your way travelling.