Strictly no weather talk… 12/07/2013

Right no weather talk this time. Im under high pressure to shower you guys with legitimate information on both fronts (Avalon and Kinlay). Dreadful. Showers and water from the skies lead me nicely into the news that we’ve had a little cosmetic surgery in Avalon. Each floor has now been kitted out with some mega stylish, top of the range showers that are guaranteed to scrape away the blood, sweat, sadness and shame you will no doubt be basted in following one of our viking pub crawls.

This weekend in Dublin brings Brandon Flowers and his entourage of oddly shape headed musicians, that includes an Art Garfunkel/Matt Gatiss hybrid on guitar, to Europe’s biggest city green space the Phoenix Park. With support from retarded Irish folk singers (not my words but that of perpetually 90 year old faced Mark E Smith, no.25 Mumford and Sons this will no doubt be one of the most anticipated and sought after boring gigs of the year. On the beige scale this one is cream.

There is a real buzz around the city and its all attributed to a dry Irish summer. In reality, the next few days are looking like they can only be spent in either a park stuffing your face with various cold cuts of meat and drinking cheap wine or sitting outside a pub for some scantily clad people watching. Walking down South William St at 10.30pm in shorts with a t-shirt and still being absolutely roasting is something i can get used to, as is seeing everyone having the time of their lives in newly christened Ibiza Square outside Pygmallion.

In Kinlay this Thursday we are having a BBQ which is an ideal way to a) get full on delicious meats b) mingle with fellow guests c) obliterate yourself with alcohol. If any of you guys are stuck for anything to do this week just pop down to reception and ask one of the staff of the goings on in the city and they’ll be able to direct you towards a bit of craic.

Thats me done, enjoy your weekend and chat soon.