Summer is officially over folks! 17/09/2010


As the fabulous summer/the 3 days of sun-shine we had are a distant memory from the skies of Dublin we are now resorting to digging out our old woollies from under the bed or the back of the wardrobe! Or even better, hitting the sales of Grafton street to make sure your only stylin’ as you strut your stuff through Temple Bar!

The one good thing about September is the lack of spotty, smelly little kids getting under your feet in town as all schools get back into the swing of things but another brilliant thing is this year’s Absolut Fringe¬†Festival (, over 2 weeks of street performances and live shows and even more amazingly it’s all FREE!!!

Incorporated in this years festival is Dublin’s Culture night, Friday 24th September, in which all those museums and shows you’ve been putting off discovering are all..yeah you guessed it ..FREEEEEE!

So as you’ll now be saving all these extra few euros in the month of September we here at Avalon House have thought of a few ways of off-loading all those funds..

1. The Avalon receptionists never EVER decline a Bald Barista espresso/sausage roll!
2. Jp, receptionist extraordinaire, needs a new surround sound system for his 50 inch tv!
3. Carolina hasn’t been on a holiday in precisely 5.8 days, some one get her some Ryanair vouchers for the love of jaysus!

However one perfectly acceptable way of getting rid of a few quid is getting to the bar early on 23rd September to toast a pint of the black stuff to our legendary brother, Saint Arthur (Guinness)!!
At 17:59, exactly 251 years after Ireland’s first ever bender we will chant “To Arthur/ToMartha/To Farmers/To Martians or To your bleedin Granny”.. so make sure you have your tickets and wallets ready for the hundreds of pubs particpating in the nights festivities! Check¬†for a full listing of gigs around the country. Its gonna be a good one!!

So however you decide to spend your September, wrap up warm and pop into the Avalon for some good company and a nice hot cup of the good stuff!

PS A special congratulations to Mary and Michael on their big day. We lost our camera after all that free champagne.. but Im pretty sure she looked exactly like a princess!