Drink Related Attractions

Top Drink Related Things To Do in Dublin.

OK, so lets be clear, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN and we do not condone over-doing the alcohol! You should also respect the laws of our country at all times.  Saying that, the Irish are known for enjoying a drink, so here’s a few of our recommendations:
1. Guinness Storehouse. You probably could have guessed this one, but it really is a winner.
2. Old Jameson Distillery. A fantastic attraction where you can learn, as well as sample!
3. The Distillery Store. A great shop in Temple Bar. It’s small, but stocks a great range of booze.
4. The Temple Bar (pub). Does what it says on the tin. It is a bar, in Temple Bar and it is very popular.
5. Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl. Google it. Again, it’s very popular, which is no great surprise as we’re combining two of Ireland’s favourite things!
6. Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. There’s a theme developing here! This is hugely popular and not just for those interested in Irish Literary History.
7. Comedy Bar / Cafe / Club. There are various ones. If they’re good, you need a drink. If they’re bad, you really need a drink!
8. Irish Whiskey Museum. This gets absolutely great reviews and we know why. It’s a museum … get this … about Whiskey! What’s not to like. Unless you don’t like Whiskey. Even then, it’s still an experience!
9. Nightclubs. Yes, Clubbing reached Dublin many years ago and has a good foothold locally. Anywhere around Temple Bar and the city centre will have venues pumping out the latest and greatest.
10. Celtic Nights. Ok, so they can be a bit cheesy, but if you’re short on time and want a bit of over-the-top Irishnessnessness, give it a go. Have a drink though.
So there you go, there are plenty, and we mean PLENTY of great bars and pubs in Dublin. Just ask at our hostel reception for advice. Go easy though – our beds are much more comfortable than the other option!