Water!!! From The Skies!!! 26/07/2013

Hello from a Dublin doing its best impression of the Bangladesh wet season. I’ve been trying to dry my clothes for three days now resulting in a almost famine like shortage of clean underpants. In true catholic guilt sty-lee this can only be punishment for the heady, sweaty, beery garden-y like times we’ve been having. We were caught off guard in Avalon on Wednesday night with the initial monsoon and our basement looked like third class steerage in that movie with your man and your one on the boat that hit something in the water and sank. “The ship  that couldn’t sink but did” i believe it was called. Anyway no major damage was done and were all snug and warm and laughing at Gods wrath with steaming coffees in our hands.

The city seems quiet despite the fact we are fully booked out again this weekend. Its definitely less hairy than usual with the Knockanstockan festival on down in Blessington (great craic altogether). The big event this weekend is the arrival of Ennio Morricone and his orchestra to Kilmainham. If you dont have a ticket to this its not gonna happen and shame on you for not trying harder. The comedy festival is also on in the Iveagh Gardens which is meant to be great and it never sells out so stroll over there for some lol-bombs (sorry) courtsey of David Doherty. Riverdance is breaking floorboards over in the Gaiety, which if you have lots of money and zero taste might be one to take a look at. Alternatively you could just look at this clip from 1994 when Ireland were to Eurovision what Brazil was to international football. This clip is rendered unsuitable for epileptics due to Michael Flatleys shirt.

Chat soon and enjoy your weekend,