Yet more December news! 09/12/2007

Folks…as promised some festive fotos from the gang here at Avalonia! As we hit the 2 week countdown to Chrimbo, thanks to Erica, Steve and Nicola we now have a gigantic Christmas tree gracing the reception area of Avalon House, towering over all our guests! The tree, standing at more than 55 foot has officially been named by Guinness book of world records as the most beautiful and tallest tree in south County Dublin* and takes 4 whole generators to power its fleet of lights! So tall is this tree, in fact it took 2 strapping young men to haul Erica up the tree to put the Christmas Fairy in her rightful place!Check it out!!!

So as the embarrassingly great Christmas songs hit our radios and the streets of Dublin resemble Wall Street on any given morning, let me leave you with this final thought! Puppies are not just for Christmas and Argos have only 4 Nintendo Wiis left so get your skates on!!!

Happy 2 weeks til Christmas Day day to you all!!!!!!!

*not exactly true

Yet more December news…

As promised folks…some festive fotos from Avalonia! Thanks to Nicola, Erica and Steve the Avalon Christmas tree is now erect and towering over our guests in the reception! standing at over 55 feet, Guinness Book of records have officially named this as the hugest tree in South County Dublin, so massive indeed that it took not one BUT two strapping young men to haul little Erica up to place the Christmas fairy in her rightful position!